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Not just clean water, but more critically, clean filter.

Comply with World Health Organisation (WHO)

The Rule NO.1 to comply with the World Health Organisation’s recommendation on healthy filtered water.

Clean filter, healthy water

Our emphasis is on clean filter, because a dirty filter will produce clean, but not healthy water.

Trihalomethane (THM) Free

Trihalomethane (THM) will not be formed if free chlorine and organic matter content are absent.

Unique installation

Air scouring - lift up dirt or sediment which are trapped deep below the surface of the sand media.

Water Treatment Specialist

More than 20 years of experience in the design and commissioning of water treatment projects mainly, in Malaysia.

All about science

Our products are based on extensive scientific research and the accumulated experience of water treatment.

AquaKitch, Under-the-sink Water Purifier

The unique natural cleaning operation of AquaKitch enable near-zero maintenance yet assuring clean filter at all times.

Under the sink water filter
Near-zero maintenance
AquaKitch Crosslink Aquatic
Natural cleaning

UF membrane requires no maintenance and has unlimited life span.

2-year on-site warranty

We provide 2 years of on-site warranty inclusive of installation.

AquaFrol, Flow-triggered Pump Controller

Conventional water pump predisposes to:
  1. pipe burst (due to consistent high pressure)
  2. pipe leakage (dripping old taps caused by high pressure. Additionally, leaks occurred from concealed pipe burst. Following long period of minor leakage, pump activates on its own, even without use of water)
  3. flooding (flooding caused by the inevitable pipe burst)
  4. Wastage of electricity (after turning off all taps, the conventional pump continues to run for a few more seconds (+/- 7 seconds))
AquaFrol eliminates the pressure factor, thus avoiding problems of dripping taps, pipe burst and flooding.
Crosslink AquaFrol flow-switch controller is able to solve the issues above.
No intermittent noise

Our Products

We uphold the principle of clean filter with no compromise.

Under-the-sink Drinking Water Filter

Outdoor Media Water Filter

Outdoor Auto Water Filter

Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Shower Filter

Flow-triggered Water Booster Controller

Water Filter Maintenance

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