Challenging yet noble, we aim to tackle the Malaysian health ministry’s statistic.

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By Eliminating The Pressure Factor, We Avoid Problems Of Dripping Taps, Pipe Burst And Flooding.

Pipe Burst

Due to consistent high pressure. 

Pipe Leakage

Dripping old taps caused by high pressure. Additionally, leaks occurred from concealed pipe burst. 

Following long period of minor leakage, pump activates on its own, even without use of water.


Flooding caused by the inevitable pipe burst.

Wastage Of Electricity

After turning off all taps, the conventional pump continues to run for a few more seconds (+/- 7 seconds).

Conventional pressure triggered controller and our flow-triggered version's working principles are totally different.
The pressure controller needs high pressure to turn OFF the pump, otherwise it will keep running.
As compared, the flow triggered version need a minimum flowrate to turn ON the pump, otherwise it remains in OFF position.

Why Take The Risks?

AquaFrol just has the solution for you.


RM 1,800

(Replacement For The Existing Controller, Including Installation)

Our commitment on the After Sale Service

To ensure a prompt response and effective solutions, we have regretfully declined numerous distance jobs.

We offer a TWO-YEAR ON-SITE warranty without any conditions.

Thanks to the innovative recycling feature of our AquaFrol system, we could maintain substantial stock of only two pump models. In the event of pump failure, we will replace it on-site, eliminating the typical delay of transporting it to workshop for repairs.

On top of our commitments, we always remember that 'prevention is better than cure'. This belief is reflected in our emphasis on durability, starting with the design and extending to its components.

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