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The cruel hidden truth of household water filters in Malaysia

Debunking the benefits of
alkaline water

Chinese News Channel Reporting Amway e-Spring Water Filter

The contaminant mentioned in the video was NITRITE. It may appear in tap water as nitrate (which is not as poisonous as nitrite) due to the water source being polluted by fertilizer. It is more commonly found in hobbyists’ aquarium if the filtration system is not in good order and worse still, if aeration is not sufficient.
The nitrite is generated from fish excrement (faeces) or fertilizer which is organic-based. If, in this case, the samples were taken from the dirty filter (used for months), the result will be the same with all dirty and seasoned water filters in the market.
That is why Crosslink insist that the rule number one for professionally healthy water filter is maintaining CLEAN FILTER – with no compromise.


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Household water filter - the major cause of our country's disgraceful statistic?

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