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About us

"Challenging yet noble, we aim to tackle the Malaysian health ministry’s statistic."
Alex Goh
Managing Director

Our Background

Since the establishment of CROSSLINK in 1986, the company has been very active and focused in the design and construction of various water purification system for numerous industries.

On the job, two of the many encounters with the doubtful quality of our city water triggered the company’s decision to move into the domestic market. Before these incidents, we assumed that household filter was not necessary, as our municipal water supply was adequate for direct consumption.

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Our Vision

A few years ago, our health ministers disclosed the hard, cold statistics, through newspapers, that Malaysia had one of the highest cancer-rate among all countries in the world, and Chinese outnumber the other races. Coincidently, Chinese population also outnumber the other races in the installation of household water filter.

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Marketing Plan

How to be a wise consumer in deciding your purchase of drinking water filter?

When we, as consumers, enquire about new products, most salespersons solely highlight the niche areas of such products. They are very reluctant, however, to expose the weaknesses of their own products. Nevertheless, let us not fault these salespersons as they are probably not aware of the product’s shortcomings – after all, product trainings usually cover the competitor’s weaknesses and not their own.

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