Air Scour Service
Job Involved Price
Modification of PVC pipe to enable the service (1 off, new client, if necessary) RM60.00
Air scour service – single job per trip RM80.00
Air scour service – 2 jobs per trip (just recruit one of your neighbours) RM50.00 each
Air scour service – 3 jobs per trip (just recruit two of your neighbours) RM30.00 each

Last Updated: 22nd December 2013

Shower Filter
Product Price (Installation Included)
Aquabath shower filter RM120.00
Replacement; activated carbon media RM90.00 (sufficient for 3 refills)

Last Updated: 22nd December 2013

Water Dispenser
Product Price (Installation Included)
Hot, Cold & Warm, model: CW-919C RM1100.00
Hot & Warm, model: CW-919 RM800.00

Last Updated: 22nd December 2013

Replacement Parts Price List
Hollow Fibre Membrane (UF-2-PS) RM650.00
Activated Carbon Cartridge (AC2040)(Replace every 2 years or 3,000 gallons) RM160.00
Water Faucet RM140.00
UV Light(Maximum service life: 4,000 hours) RM150.00
UV Ballast RM170.00
UV Stainless Steel Chamber RM420.00
UV Quartz Sleeve RM185.00
Wire for UV Lamp RM22.00
Silicone Seal (1 Pair) RM38.00
Metal Base Plate RM90.00

Last Updated: 13th January 2016



Labour and transportation charges: RM70.00 per trip, ex-Klang Valley.

All price quoted include installation, ex-Klang Valley.



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